PJSC “Dniprowood” was founded in 2000. Today the company is a leading manufacturer of engineered flooring in Ukraine!
Currently the company’s products is its final buyer in Finland, Sweden, of Denmark, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK.
All of our products is made from environmentally friendly and legally harvested timber.
The program of the flooring we produce 2 types of multifloor: thickness 15 and 20 mm, consisting of waterproof plywood and working surface with oak, ash or maple slats. At the same time, the production of parquet panels is being improved and gaining momentum. In this area we are working with many companies from all over Europe.
The technical equipment of the enterprise allows us to make different kinds of finish flooring. But mostly work with natural oils and varnishes manufacturing Becker Acroma AB.
An additional activity of PJSC “Dniprowood” is the production of furniture panels and its derivatives (shelves, steps, risers, kitchen countertops). New way of our activity is the production of wall panels with various threatments.
Today the company continues its development and increase production capacity. In this regard, we are working to expand the geography of supply of our products and are open to cooperation on long-term basis with all stakeholders.